Sunday, November 8, 2009

7 Tips To Save Money On A Vacation

With unemployment at a 26 year high of 10.2%, now is the hardly the time to talk about a vacation. But there is no need to deprive ourselves of an opportunity to recharge our batteries when we have been slogging throughout the year.

7 Tips To Save Money On A Vacation
A vacation is also a nice reward for our discipline in adhering to frugal living. If you have been budgeting for a vacation, the current recession serves only to spark your creativity to get the most out of every penny you spend.

Here are 7 tips to stretch our dollar while having the best vacation ever.

1. Comparison shop for best deals

Check out websites such as Expedia, Trip Advisor and Sell Off Vacations for deals on hotels, attractions and cruises. I like Trip Advisor for the in depth reviews for each hotel and you can easily ascertain which hotel offers quality service without bursting your budget.

Even though these comparison websites are useful guides, I have a habit of checking out the airlines and hotels websites before I make any payment. This is to see if dealing direct with them will yield a better price.

2. Membership discounts

If you are a member of the CAA or AAA, these memberships can get your further discounts on hotels and rental cars. Stop in your local branch before you buy any free maps and travel brochures.

3. Don't Bring Unnecessary Stuff

Don’t bring more clothes than you really need. Try rolling them up so that they fit into lesser bags. Many airlines charge for extra bags, so the lesser stuff you bring, the more money you save.

At the same time, make sure your bags are not overloaded as they strain the airline’s weight limits and they’ll charge extra for that as well.

4. Hotel Stay

I like to plan a hotel stay with complimentary breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and give us the energy for all the touring and shopping. Having your breakfast free-of-charge is definitely the best way to save money.

I love a Continental breakfast option which offers nice buffet with a multitude of delicious breakfast options. If not, I will settle for free orange juice, coffee and doughnuts.

If your days are jam-packed with fun sightseeing adventures, you should have a filling breakfast before setting off. Otherwise, sit down and enjoy every free amenity the hotel has.

5. Plan your destinations

You can look for coupons on the websites of attractions or restaurants you plan to visit. Almost every zoo, museum or amusement park has discount coupons on their websites.

At the amusement park, you might want to bring some snacks and bottled drinks in a backpack or purse. The prices at the parks are amazingly expensive.

If it is a beach destination, have a look at all inclusive resorts. With food, drinks and the many activities included, this will save us from burning cash throughout the vacation.

6. Travel in the off-peak season

The off-peak season has fewer crowds at most tourist attractions but more importantly, it can save you lots of money on airfare and hotels.

7. Avoid using credit

You have been shunning credit cards and avoided falling prey to their exorbitant interest. There is no reason why you should break that prudent habit on a vacation.

I know the temptations for impulse buying is especially great when we are on a vacation, what with all the local souvenirs, clothes, shoes, gadgets, etc. but just remind yourself of the massive credit card bill at the end of the day.


Budget Travel Blogger said...

These are really great tips. I think the best advice that you can give to a person looking to save a little money on travel is as you've said comparison shop and also don't be afraid to negotiate! Happy Travels!

Bagain Travel Blogger said...

Absolutely! These are great tips. Comparison shop and don't be afraid to negotiate! It seems to be the best way to get great deals on travel!