Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Make It Fun To Save Money On A Tight Budget

To save money requires that we made sacrifices and adopt lifestyle changes. As they say, no pain, no gain. But that is not to say saving money means there is no more fun for you.

There’s plenty to do out there that won’t cost you anything at all. You just need some creativity and rediscovering activities which you enjoy when you were little.

Here are some tips to have fun saving money while on a tight budget, say $50 in your wallet.

1. Rent movies.

I love going to cinemas for the occasional blockbuster movies but if $50 is all I have, then I will rather sign up with Netflix. They allow a free 2 weeks trial period and after that, you can choose your own plan.

You can have up to 3 movies out at once with no late fees, and each plan is under $20a month.

In terms of entertainment value, it may lose out to a cinema, but you get to cosy up with your partner in the privacy of your home. There are no jabbering from inconsiderate people who interrupt your enjoyment of the movie.

Or you can even plan a whole party with your friends and have a movie night. Host a potluck dinner for your friends - ask them to bring their favorite dish and you’ll end up with a nice variety (bonus if everyone brings dessert!)

2. Check out libraries and museums.

Museums offer discounted or free admission on certain days, so it is great for a family outing. You get to increase your knowledge and appreciate rare artifacts and exhibits without spending a cent. As for libraries, it is one of my favorite pasttime as I can borrow books and videos for free.

3. Go bargain hunting!

If you are really bored, why not go outdoors on a bargain hunting trip? You’ll be sure to come across some good deals and rare finds. Auctions can offer some good deals, too. Just be prepared to go a little higher on price to compete with other bidders.