Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Save Money By Reducing Waste

President Obama is poised to rally Americans to act on global warming by highlighting life-altering consequences in a long-awaited scientific report on climate change.

The report, produced by scientists at 13 government agencies provides the most detailed picture to date of the worst case scenarios of rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

Just imagine floods in lower Manhattan; quadrupling of heat waves deaths in Chicago; withering of California vineyards; disappearance of wildflowers from the Rockies; and extinction of Alaska's polar bears.

Global warming is indeed a very serious issue. For years, environmentalists have promoted the benefits of protecting our environment through creating less waste and recycling.

In addition to preventing land dumps from being filled quickly, another important benefit to reducing waste is, of course, to save money.

Save Money By Reducing Waste
Here are some methods which we can implement to protect Mother Earth:

Use Paper Towels

I know paper towels are convenient - just use and toss them aside. But to protect the environment, it is time we replace disposable paper towels for reuseable rags and washcloths.

Place some rags in the kitchen for messy spills and to wipe up the mess after cooking. A clean washcloth will also come in handy for wiping the children’s hands and face after their meals. You will definitely save a lot of trees in the process.


Reduce your water bills by filling up buckets with rain water to wash your car and watering plants in the garden.

You can also fill up the cold water from your shower faucet in a bucket for washing the toilet while you wait for the water to heat up to the proper temperature.

Laundry Detergent

Detergents require far less soap than you think, so keep a close eye on the measuring lines in the cap of your detergent.

The manufacturers will, of course, prefer you to use more detergent but it makes little difference to having clean clothes.

My wife use a quarter cap of detergent for a normal load of laundry, instead of the usual half cup or more. We have extended the lifespan of a bottle of detergent but still get clean and nice-smelling clothes.


Stop handing money to utilites company money for phantom electricity usage. Unplug your electronics when not in use. So long as they have a digital clock or lights, electricity is still being drawn. If taking out the plugs is too troublesome, at least hit the on/off switch.

You can replace lightbulbs with the energy-efficient version, and use task lighting rather than overhead lights to reduce energy consumption. Finally, a no-brainer: turn off the lights when leaving a room.


Many people heat up their homes more than is necessary. Actually, you won't notice the difference by turning the heat down a couple of degrees but you save on your electrical bills.

You can wear warmer clothes like a sweatshirt to reduce the heating in your house. If you’re still cold after wearing warmer clothing, then raise the temperature higher until you find the perfect temperature.

Remember that the money you save while reducing waste can be used to start or add to your existing savings account or investment plan. So do not procastinate and implement the above tips today.