Thursday, June 11, 2009

Save Money By Cleaning Our Air-Conditioners

Oh my, this summer is sweltering hot and I won't be surprised if people are turning on their air-conditioners full blast. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay in seeking a reprieve from the unforgiving heat.

Save Money By Cleaning Our Air-Conditioners

If you are not careful, the monthly electrical bills can jump up by at least 15-30% during summer. To save on energy costs, it is important that we inspect and clean the central air conditioning system regularly.

The basic concept behind air conditioners is to push warm air past chilled coils. If those coils are dirty or clogged with dust/debris, it means greater energy is needed to get the air through and your system has to run longer to reach your thermostat settings.

This reduction in air flow also inhibits dehumidification, which decreases your comfort level.

A clean central air system will improve air flow and heat transfer, making your air conditioning more efficient. We can then save money on energy bills while extending the lifespan of the air conditioning system.

I try to visually inspect and maintain my air-conditioning system at least once a year and I recommend that you do it yourself to save money. However, if you are really busy (or lazy) to clear dust and debris from your ducts, then engage a professional.

Here is a video to help you out.

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