Friday, May 8, 2009

How We Waste Money On Little Things

Living in the modern world is all about catching up. We are often overwhelmed by so much information or work to do that we mindlessly waste money on little things for convenience.

Some bad habits I am guilty of indulging before I started saving and managing my money includes overpaying for postage on my mails. This is because I was too lazy to go to the post office and weigh out my packages.

How We Waste Money On Little ThingsNow, a stamp may not cost much and I don’t mail things out often, so I probably waste less than a dollar each time. Nevertheless, over the long term, the money wasted on extra stamps add up to quite a nice chunk of change.

Another example of wasting money on little things is a grocery store trip. I often purchase Snickers, sandwich, gum or a bottle of Coke on my way home to get a sugar rush. If I went home to eat my lunch or dinner (since I wasn't particularly hungry) and purchased only the items on my shopping list , I could again avoid the pitfall of wasting money on little things.

Purchasing these snacks set me back by about two to three dollars but in those days, I never buy in bulk, so I make trips to the grocery stores about 3-4 times per week. That works out to a cool $50-$60 per month on snacking alone. Or to put it in another manner, I could use this money to buy another week of staples for my family.

There are a lot of other little ways in which I waste money that are dismissed without a second thought. I have cut out most, if not all, of these bad habits but it is still useful to remind myself of the need to watch out for trivial items during the course of maintaining our household budget.



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