Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Take Time Out For Lucky Draws

Last week, I won a $50 voucher, courtesy of a lucky draw in my neighborhood cafe. It was a pleasant surprise because that is an extra $50 of savings and the way the prize fell into my lap was almost effortless.

I had dropped by the cafe to pick up a couple of Swiss rolls for breakfast and while I was checking out, the cashier handed over a slip of paper with numbers and told me it was a contest.

Well, I certainly didn't expect to win but sometimes, we can get lucky for a few minutes of our time. This contest only need me to tear off one part of the slip and dump it into their collection bin.

Take Time Out For Lucky Draws
Over the years, I have benefitted from taking time out for lucky draws. And in this recession, there are a lot more opportunities to win prizes. Many retailers and restaurants are grappling with lower demand as consumers are hit by job losses, pay cuts and losses in investments.

Either the business owners stare into space all day long or they have to get creative and entice customers into their stores. To do that, we can expect lots of discounts, free delivery, rewards and lucky draws being unveiled. Such promotions cost money but right now, minimizing losses is the name of the game.

There are many people who are taking advantage of all the contests and are winning prizes every month. Here are some tips to join the bandwagon and increase your chances of winning in a contest.

1. Don't Neglect The Small Ones.

It is easy to be dazzled by a huge contest with a million dollar prize. But I actually prefer contests with smaller prizes as they offer better odds of winning. Not many people will be interested, and the fewer entries will work in your favor.

I know winning a T-shirt or a cup (as compared to a car) may not have you shouting hooray but it is still something free and useful around the house.

2. Give The Challenging Ones A Shot.

Many people are daunted by the challenging contests which require you to “jump through hoops” to enter. You may have to complete a survey, answer questions, or perform some other activity

Once again, fewer people will enter these types of events giving you much better odds. A few of the “hard ones” will also allow you to mail in your entries without performing any of their online tasks.

3. Only Enter The Ones You Really Want.

Many people are so anxious for a win, that they enter lucky draws with prizes that they don’t really want. Instead, be smart by skipping the ones you don’t truly care about winning, and focus only on the ones you do.

4. Follow The Rules.

Be careful not to exceed an event’s entry limit. If an event is restricted to one entry per day, and you enter it twice in the same day, you could be disqualified from the entire event.

In fact, entering more often than an event allows is the main reason people get disqualified from winning. Some event sponsors and their judging agencies are very strict. They will disqualify you for any failure to follow their rules. Always read and follow the rules carefully.

5. Be Aware Of Spam When You Divulge Information Online

Many event sponsors keep your entry information confidential, but there are black sheeps around. In fact, some events are created solely to generate mailing lists. If you are not interested in receiving mailings, remember to opt-out.

Sometimes, your mail box may still be flooded even if you exclude yourself from mailing lists. The only way to circumvent unsolicited e-mail is to create a “throw away” e-mail account.

Getting a free e-mail account through any of these services is quick and easy. Many of them also allow you to filter out unwanted messages. That can insulate your primary e-mail account from spam.