Saturday, April 18, 2009

Make Your Car Fuel Efficient Regardless Of Gas Prices

This is normally the time of year that gas prices hike dramatically as demand increases, but the sluggish economy has prevented any hopes of the nightmarish $4 a gallon gas returning any time soon.

Nevertheless, the gas guzzling car still account for a significant portion of our family budget. To become more fuel efficient, we maintain our car in good condition with regular tune-ups and properly inflated tires.

Make Your Car Fuel Efficient
We are also monitoring the cost of our driving habits closely by installing a tiny computer called the ScanGauge Fuel Efficiency Adviser,ScanGauge Fuel Efficiency Adviser which provides real-time information about what's happening in the engine.

You can determine the least expensive route as you know exactly how much each trip costs. It even shows you the difference idling at one red light can make. Armed with these knowledge, saving 15-30 gallons per month and hundreds of dollars each year is easy.

Making our car more fuel efficient is not only about saving money, it can also protect the environment. As we subscribe fervently to going green, we are sad to know that the NRDC holds United States cars responsible for about 25% of greenhouse gases produced.

Besides taking the above measures to lower our exposure to fluctuating gas prices, my wife has proposed that we purchase a fuel-efficient hybrid car.

Car prices may be low but I am apprehensive of any huge commitment right now. As the economy may deteriorate further, it is not wise to compromise our cash-flow. In fact, in the worst case scenario, I may sell off the family car and consider car pooling with my neighbors or even biking to save money and cut down on emissions.

What measures have you guys undertaken to make your car more fuel efficient?