Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Save Money While Playing Golf

Save Money While Playing Golf
Playing golf has been my only indulgence but my wife has never understood my love for the sport. On weekends, I usually hang out with my business associates and friends while she goes on her shopping trips..

However, of late, my indulgence has been causing a bit of family rift. In good times, you don't think much about going to the golf courses weekly but in this recession, golfing has burned holes in my pocket.

As my wife is retrenched, there is now lesser income in the family. Thus I have to sacrifice a bit to balance our family budget.

Anyway, I am coping and have devised some tips to keep me on the greens and not wasting green.

1. Choose Off-Peak Hours

Many golfers schedule their tee-time on Saturdays. I don't see any reason to join the crowd, unless my business clients request for it.

Weekend play can cost you around $35-$50, depending on the golf course. I have taken to clearing weekday leave... you get the golf course all to yourself and saved a good bit of money in the process, so why not!

2. Look for Discounts

Golf courses may offer discounts at different times and to different age groups. Just make enquires at the course management office, you have a good chance if you are a senior citizen or a teenage golfer.

3. Special Deals When Business Is Slow

Like any business, golf courses have their overheads even when nobody is teeing off. So if you know when business will be slow on certain times during the week, you can ask the information desk about special deals. Check out different websites to make comparisons, we are looking for the best deals, not loyalty.

4. Get A Membership

This is for the regular golf players. Joining as a member of a course is worth it if you intend to make it your second home. A membership is more economical with larger discounts on play and equipment.

Once again, compare other clubs first before committing to a membership. The time you spend on research can save you lots of money in the long run. As a guide, monthly fees for most golf course is around $100-$400 and you get unlimited use of the golf course. Cart and practice range fees may or may not be included.

5. Try 9 holes instead of 18 holes

If you are playing golf in the evening, you will be foolish to attempt 18 holes. You are under pressure to finish the game or be out of the money when it turns dark.

Thus, you should go for 9 holes and inquire about discounts for doing that. Some courses may even accommodate a pay-per-hole request if you are short on time.

Save Money While Playing Golf