Friday, December 12, 2008

Five Tips To Save $100 Every Month

Everybody is struggling to get by in this recession. Saving money seems like mission impossible when you are virtually depending on credit to make ends meet.

Nevertheless, if you get creative, it is always possible to eke out $100 to put into your savings account. Just try the six tips below, it may even be posible to save up to $200 for those who are disciplined!

1. Go For Recreation Rather Than Entertainment

Movies, concerts and theme parks are expensive in good times and a waste of money in bad times. They only last for a few hours or at most one day.

If you adjust your lifestyle to recreational activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, beachcombing, cycling, etc, you are on your way to better fitness and saving more money.

2. Visit the Library

The library is a good way to save money. Nobody will chase you out for spending hours in a peaceful place to read the books, surf the net, check your email, or even watch DVD movies.

You can also tap into fee-for-service databases for genealogy research. Before buying the latest book, check out the library shelves first. With most paperback books retailing at $5 - $25 and hardcover books selling at $20 - $35, you can save money easily.

3. Give The Mall A Miss

For shopping fanatics, this is hard to do. If you salivate over the latest fad items (designer handbags, cool electronic items, interior decor, etc.), your credit card statement will be a nightmare.

Give the mall a miss and cut down on discretionary items. Branded goods are prestigious but if you want to save money, they should be the first to go.

4. Shop Outer Aisles Of Grocery Stores

Ok, so you have avoided all the glitzy mall and have decided to shop at your neighborhood grocery store. Well, there is also some trick to saving money there.

Produce, dairy, meats tend to be placed on the outer aisles with all the junk food and processed products in the center aisles. Avoid as many of those inner aisles as possible and you’ll see both your waistline and expenditures drop.

5. Skip Pizza Deliveries, Lattes, And Gourmet

We’ve heard that speech before but we also know that life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. So as Ben Franklin advised, use moderation in all things even moderation. So don’t deny yourself too many treats or you’ll simply forgo the idea of saving money at once.

How about buying two lattes and only one pizza delivery per week for a savings of about $40? Start a rotation of items which break the budget and don’t give them up all at once but instead just buy some on occasion as a treat instead of making them a weekly ritual.

6. Set Savings Goals and be Smart!

When it comes to achieving your saving money goals, be SMART --- Make goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and can be accomplished on a timed basis. It’s your money so have some fun with the money management process and above all, be creative!