Saturday, October 18, 2008

About Me

I come from a poor family and life was very tough during my childhood. We scrimped every penny and on some days, there was so little food on the table, I went to bed hungry. Eating out was a luxury and we never buy anything that was not a necessity.

When I was in pre-school, my dad was posted overseas and given considerable expatriate benefits. His higher pay made a difference to our standards of living. My mom also found job as a sales assistant and with a dual income, we were able to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

But I am constantly reminded about money woes as my dad wanted me to be independent and not depend on the family for pocket money. When I entered college, I have to work part time to supplement my school fees and daily expenditure.

Without much skills on hand, I could only find a job at a fish and chips store as apprentice cook. I have to endure the physical labor and heat to earn a few miserable dollars but it was a good experience and I appreciate the fact that making money is not easy.

When I finally finished college, I found a job as a marine engineer after trying my luck at a few companies. Over the years, I strive to do my best and had worked my way up as a manager. While there is a sense of accomplishment, I am still caught in the rat race and far from being financially secure.

My motto in life is that money cannot buy happiness and should not be the most important item in our life, but money is still a necessary evil. I don't aspire for a million dollars though.

I write this personal finance blog just to learn and discuss money saving tips. Not to forget, making friends around the blogosphere too.


Froi said...

I may have a different experience in life but we have the same life lessons. My Father also worked overseas in the middle east as an accountant for almost 20 years and we can only cherished him once every 2 years, sacrificing on a far away land just to earn the money to give us a better life. After he retired, not long afterwards (in 2 years), he already suffered stroke, all savings and assets were totally lost since medicare is not enough. Story short and lesson here, don't rely on your job and the medicare, and right after my father died, we just missed the opportunity to be with him during his younger years. We must not wait for things like this to happen to our lives before we realize that it's too late. So here I am already starting at my young age.